Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Geographique, cal. 858
Limited Edition of 500 pieces in pink gold

While I have always liked JLC on an intellectual level, few of their pieces have touched me on an emotional level. This piece just might change my mind.


The dial work is AWESOME, on both sides. The photo of the local time side only begins to hint at the finesse and deep beauty of the night and day disk - the joyous glitter of the stars between 9pm and 3am; the detailing of the sun, with the dancing flames from its corona; the glow radiating as if the captured sun was putting out its own light, just for the wearer, between 6am and 6pm. The effect of the NIGHT AND DAY window is as profound and clearly felt as the daily journey of the sun across the sky above or the approach of the dusk every night...now THIS watch is an experience, transcending being a mere timepiece that only tells the time!

the true rose engine turned guillochage of the sub-seconds, the substance of the counter-sunk sub-dial edges, all exude quality and substance.

The deep, lustrous black lacquer on the second time zone side seems to shimmer and glow, the two types of guillochage complementing each other rather than clashing for attention (sorry for the poor picture; I try to work only with natural sunlight, which limits the amount of time I have to take good shots.)

hmmm...can this old, jaded WIS heart, recently downtrodden and depressed, be feeling the stirrings of love again...?


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