A photo comparison of the only two central tourbillons in serial production

Haldimann H1Flying Central Tourbillon, ThePuristS edition

Omega Center Tourbillon
ref. 5910.30.01, cal. 1170

December, 2005

Many people have emailed me asking about the Omega Central Tourbillon, and how it "compares" to the Haldimann H1 and H1 ThePuristS Edition.

I happen to appreciate and respect both very much, but upon seeing them in person, they are in fact quite different.

It would be far too easy to dismiss the Omega Central Tourbillon as a mass produced product of an industrial conglomerate, but this would be patently unfair to Omega or their beautiful tourbillon.

This movement is reputed to be the single most expensive movement in the Swatch Group lineup to produce, and is only produced in very limited numbers by a very small group of specialists within the Omega organization.

For more information, click here for a brief overview

On the other hand, the Haldimann is essentially the product of one Master Watchmaker, who has come up with very innovative solutions to some problematic technical hurdles, including getting the escapement gear train layout to fit inside a traditional tourbillon, yet do this in an iconoclastic central position; or re-designing and creating a new pallet design for space, layout, and other considerations.

Beat also uses one of the (if not THE) largest balance wheels ever used in wristwatch form factor - 14.14mm!. Among those that feel a tourbillon actually can help in timekeeping stability, there are those that believe a large balance is a crucial technical design element.

From a design and wearability standpoint, both are beautiful and elegant, but both have vastly differing "presence."

One has more flourishes and superficial design "details" while the other is very simple, understated.

One could fairly say that one is "fancier" in design, the other more "pure."

I'll let you decide which is which.

I personally really like both, just like I love Ferraris and Lamborghinis; Porsches and MB/BMW; I appreciate both Bertone and Pininfarina.

Respectfully submitted,


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