December 2, 2000:

Hi, Laney.

I haven't really been up to posting much these days, for personal as well as TZ reasons (see Time2Watch and Jim Soloway's threads elsewhere) but when I happened to read your post, I just had to reply.

Laney, watches are that special category of personal effects that seem to hold a unique place in people's lives. An inordinate amount of money is spent for the material contents or the functions you get. Put another way, the prices we are willing to pay for a watch is way out of proportion to what it does and what it is made of. There has to be something more...

Like a wedding band or silver spoon, they can represent something ethereal, something beyond the gold, silver, screws, springs, hands that physically make up the watch. They are tangible markers in the intangible flow of life, symbols of significant events that will ever after exist only in memory.

You write that the watch was left to you by your grandmother, to whom it was given by an obviously loving man who was your grandfather to celebrate their 50 years together, and both of whom are probably now only left in memory. 50 years!

I was raised by my grandmother, even though I had loving but too busy parents. I cannot even begin to imagine the inevitable day when she will no longer be with me...

I recently returned a rather expensive watch that was given to me because the widow wanted to thank me for trying to help with the estate of her husband, who was the owner of the watch, but who never lived to see it delivered. I believed, in my heart of hearts, that even though I liked the watch very, very much, that indeed I would like very much to own it, I believed that their son, who forevermore can only see his father in his memories, should be the rightful owner of the watch, and that it should remain with the family.

Laney, I know I am assuming much in my reply to you, and that I did not even begin to touch upon the question that you asked. I am sorry if I am being presumptuous and too forward. Please forgive my earnestness. This has been a particularly hard post for me to make; I had to pause several times...but I just had to break my self imposed silence on these forums to beg you not to sell it.

Please, if you don't have to sell it, please don't. If you do need the money, but really don't want to sell, please email me. I'll see what I can do for you. Please.



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