June 8, 2001 - Singapore
Part 1, v.1:

Dawn broke with beautiful colors as the sun edged above the horizon.

The AP Equation of Time came in handy again, allowing me to set the alarm 15 minutes before the sunrise for that day, in that location - 6:54am.

As Singapore stirred from her slumber, I paused and simply soaked in the early morning calm from the balcony of my room at the Fullerton Hotel.

(note - ask for an ocean view room on the 6th floor; do not let them put you on the 7th floor! It has to do with the structure and facade of the building...trust me.)

I had a rare full day with a flexible schedule to pass before the AP Time to Give charity banquet that night, so I decided to re-visit Millenia Walk and the two major watch shops there, The Hour Glass and Cortina Watch Espace Boutique.

After a long overdue haircut at Le Salon Bis in Ngee Ann City (be sure to ask for Debbie Ong - she has some of the most gentle yet firm fingers I have ever experienced, just the thing for sore neck muscles after a long, 21 hour transit) Daniel took me in his 2001 C4 over to Millenia Walk.

Arriving a bit late in the afternoon, the kitchen had already taken last call for lunch, but Daniel managed to cajole two orders of Otak Bruschetta from Baker's Inn, just down from the surprisingly high quality Sushi Tei conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Light, flakey puff pastry crust over a traditional curried fish paste, the spiciness of the curry offered a nice kick. It was quite a treat.

The Hour Glass has a shop just to the right of the entrance from the restaurant row and drive way side of Millenia Walk, and Alan Teo had several interesting pieces ready for me to view.

First, a beautifully finished and mechanically unusual Breguet Souscription pocketwatch - automatic, but with an obscure, early generation A.L. Breguet automatic design from the 1800's.

Next, a pair of Van der Klaauw astronomicals - though not quite as mechanically sophisticated as the UN Trilogy pieces, I do like the cases better, and the dials are much easier to read, due to their more conventional time indication. The VdK are surprisingly reasonable in their pricing, too! This is definitely a hot line to watch...

Notice the movement in the Planetarium - yes, that is a Glashuette Original movement base, cal. GUB 36 (?) Van Der Klaauw has since gone to an ETA base, but the first 8 (?) were based on the GUB ebauche!

The Hour Glass shop got quite busy, and though Alan was most gracious and helpful, I didn't want to overstay my welcome, so I thanked him and sought out my next destination...

(continued in part 2)

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