October 11, 2000:

Samantha, who is always curious about what daddy and mommy are doing, what we find so interesting, as 8 year olds are wont to do, frequently exclaims, "Oh, daddy! Not watches AGAIN!"

Though I plan to "when she is ready," I have not yet formally introduced her to the magical world of horology, instead trying to allow her to instinctively develop a feel for watch aesthetics first, unclouded by intellectual and rational complications. I do, out of the blue, show her a piece, on my wrist or from my storage box, and ask her, "What do you think of this one?"

She has a Minnie Mouse watch I purchased for her when she was three, that needs the battery changed, as well as a battery dead Benetton that belonged to her mother. Her daily wear, in the pool, playing soccer, doing homework, is a royal blue G-shock.

I just picked up a vintage 50's Movado lady's manual wind, very dainty, in 14k wg set with four diamonds, two on each lug. It is a tiny watch, a marvel of miniaturization, all of 7mm by 15mm (approx), and it still has an original Movado signed crown.

When I showed her the watch, she was happy, but not perceptibly overjoyed.

Just this afternoon, she asked me about the long overdue battery change ("Did you fix the watch yet, daddy?") and I could only lie to her and tell her, "I am having trouble finding the right battery. That is why I don't like quartz watches - changing the battery is so much trouble!"

Some emotions are very gentle and deep, though. She tried it on, and then let me take it off without any protest. She asked if the watch was for her, and I told her yes, for your next birthday. At that, she skipped off to her room. I thought, "Well, that was easy. It seems this obssession hasn't consumed her yet."

Almost an hour later, near the end of JAG, she shyly came to me and asked if she could "just wear the watch once, tomorrow, to school..."

Since I was absorbed in the touching ending of two just-reunited half brothers, both in the military and both men of duty and honor, I did not pay full attention to my angel. I said, without taking my eyes off the screen, "No, sweetie, the watch is for your birthday next year."

She hung around, gently settling onto my knee, cuddling up to me, waiting for the right time to ask something else.

As the closing scene played out, she softly asked again, "May I just wear it, just one more time, just for a minute?"

I said sure, and the glow that radiated from her face! I slipped the watch over her delicate wrist, and she bounded off to show her little sister and mother.

Dutifuly, she returned in less than a minute, offered her arm for me to remove the watch, and at that moment, that precious moment, the love and appreciation, the sheer pride and joy, that positively warmed the whole room, that moment, without any words, said it all.

All is well in the world, and to all a good night!

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